Just a blues man

...but black and white and red all over

1 June 1954
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The Antithesis of Sparkle

"Ellis... Ellis... that a first name or a last name?"
"Why yessir it is."

Ellis Knox, born June 1st, 1904... born again June 1st, 1954. Jazz and blues musician from New Orleans. Self-effacing, dryly funny, has a quirky sense of humor... a real nice guy if not for that drinking problem of his.

No, not alcohol.

On his fiftieth birthday Ellis received one hell of a present: immortality, coupled with the eternal lust for blood any vampire must live with. Details of Ellis's vampirism are here.

Ellis is about 5'6" and, in his own words, a "skinny cracker fairy". He dresses in snazzy suits and smokes nearly constantly. He's pale, which is not surprising in a vampire, and not very attractive, which is. (Ellis says you should have seen him before he was bitten.) Ellis talks and moves with all the hurry of late August. He says that it sure is nice to meet you, alright, it sure is.


Ellis is an original creation. He began life using concepts from "Vampire: The Masquerade", but I am currently shifting towards a less derivative background mythos. Old posts may thus contradict newer posts, as I consider all the LJ stuff a 'rough draft' anyway.

His avatar is the incredibly talented and brilliant Joe Jackson.